There are many of us who do not would like to take part in exciting activities that give us a good feeling. Others also have the desire to feel the adrenaline rush, without having to leave the house. This feeling is commonplace when we aren’t permitted to leave our homes during the lockdown, or during a long stay at home.

Imagine this kind of scenario connected to the virtual world was a bit difficult a few years ago. But, nowadays it is simple to locate a variety of stunning places set in the midst of thrilling stories.

Let’s take a look at 10 of the most popular game sites online that will let you live a realistic adventure life, while also providing you with a few hours of enjoyment every day:

Hansel and Gretel is a cool puzzle game! The goal of the game is to find the exit without running into crazy cats. Can you finish all levels?

Run through the dungeon and avoid obstacles and traps. Jump over barrels, avoid sharp swords and collect as many shields as possible jump over barrels, avoid swords and traps.

Help this chicken to win his freedom! Run, jump and avoid all the obstacles on the street!

Frankenstein is on the loose and he is after the treasures! Jump, walljump and dodge the obstacles to obtain all the stars and open all of the chests!

Are you ready for the HTML5 game Pixel Castle Runner? In this game, you are a little pixel knight, and you have to run and jump over dangerous obstacles! In this game, you can prove that you are a true brave knight. LET’S GO!!