Online games have been upgraded and have advanced from the easy and basic games of the past. The increased variety of characters and stories has played an important part in ensuring that users are addicted to their screens.

Many advancements have been made to graphics capabilities. As the result, you’ll notice a myriad of adjustments in the level of action.

Many gaming companies took advantage of it and launched new games that revolutionized the action game genre which is a huge hit. But, not all of these games got the same level of response and some action games landed with registrations in huge numbers from various kinds of devices including mobile phones, PCs tablets, iPhones, and iPads.

First-person shooters belong to their own class. Let’s take a review of the top actions games available for young boys that will guarantee you long days of fun and excitement:


Jumper Frog is an online HTML5 game similar to the Konami hit title ‘Frogger’ that was published in 1981. The goal of the game is to guide the frogs to their homes one by one. But the road to home is full with obstacles. First you need to cross a dangerous road full of speeding cars, then you need to cross a river by jumping from one log to the other. It requires skill, timing and patience. Jump frogger, JUMP!

This little ninja is simply deadly! We hope that you have no fear of heights because he can jump so high to make you dizzy! Kill all the mosters on your way, collect all the coins and finally reach the chest at the end of every levels.

You are alone in boundless space and you have to escape! Avoid all the obstacles and be fast because there are different levels you have to complete! Collect as many stars as you can, and fly over all the obstacles in your way!

Captain! We need your help! The universe is under a meteorite attack and you are the only one to save it! Use the cannons of your space ship to destroy the meteors before they reach you. So don’t wait, start your engines and start shooting!

Deads are falling from the sky! Your mission is to kill them before they reach you. Be careful, you have just three lives, donu2019t waste them!

Final Words:
The selection of top online action games is vast. But, we’ve listed here only those that have impressed us with their gaming abilities. Perhaps your action-game preferences are a bit different. However, the subjects that we’ve discussed previously are certain to provide an unforgettable feeling of thrilling action. Best of luck!